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Roleplay  Male-dom /female-sub. BDSM. Restraints. Pain. Anal.

Love, Actually. (From a flash fiction prompt.) Fem-dom/ nonbinary-sub BDSM. Pain and control.

Lovers Fem-dom/ male-sub BDSM. Restraints, pain, flogging, anal.

The Husband and Wife Female-sub joins a dominant f/m couple. BDSM Suspension. Whipping. Pain. Gag.

My Hulk Fem-dom/ male-sub. BDSM. Restraints. Pegging/anal.

Rehearsal Fem-dom/ male-sub. BDSM. Blunt knife play. Restraints.

Mutual Fem-dom/ male-sub. Friends to lovers, sweet. Biting.

Mummified M/M-dom couple/ female-sub. BDSM Mummification. Public sex.

TheWorkout F/M D/s. Restraints. Resistance play. Masturbation. Control.

My Devil  Male D/. Female /s. Restraints. Gag. Pain.

Control  f/D. m/s. Anal strap-on. Restraints. Choking. Pain. Light humiliation.

Submitted to Housework Housework   f/m fem-dom. Pain. Penis binding.

Halloween Party  F/m. public sex. Non kink.