Anticipation built in me all day, making me jittery and twitchy. It was just Lance. He was my friend. Yep.

Okay fine, to me he was much more. Every time I looked at him my clit pulsed and mouth watered.

It was a pleasant, warm summer evening and he was coming over to watch a film.

A quiet and shy man, he wasn’t one for crowds and a bit of a mystery. I was the opposite, and I knew if I pushed him that he might go along with things he didn’t want. I’d seen it. It was easier for him. People took his acquiescence as permission, and it bothered me.

So I held back. I didn’t crowd or insert myself into his space. I asked and stepped back, and sometimes he said yes. I was weirdly pleased the first time he said no to me. Felt like trust.

He liked film nights.  Every moment with him was wonderful and terrible because I just wanted more, so I took what I could get.

With a cleansing breath, I prepared the snacks, and ignored the thump of my heart and shaking hands.

This was worth it.

I nearly went a foot in the air when the door went. Imagine what I’d be like if I hadn’t wanked first. Twice.

I opened it, and Lance stood bathed in evening sun with a smile. “I bought your favourite wine.” He thrust out the bottle, and I took it. He hovered in the doorway and pushed his glasses up. He wore the nice casual shirt I said I liked once.

I wanted to hug him but didn’t. “Thank you, yum.” I turned and let him follow.

I poured us a glass, and we carried all the snacks and drinks into the living room. Lance sunk into my big comfy couch it with a sigh.

The windows were open with the curtains closed, and the room was summer evening cool. We settled with our feet up, and a foot apart as the film started.

I couldn’t tell you what happened on screen. We were next to each other and barely said a word.

He laughed, and I smiled. I loved hearing him laugh. For such a solemn man, he had a fantastic laugh. Full and throaty and infectious.

It was cooler that night for the first time in days as the sun faded. I closed my eyes in that dim room with the comforting presence of Lance, and a breeze on my skin.

I relaxed. Even though I was mindful of him, I always let tension go. With his quiet stillness, I wavered between fidgety and catatonic. I drifted off.

I woke comfortably warm. A beat played, and as I came to, blood filled my cheeks. Oh god.

My face was snuggled into his lovely chest, and the hard thud of his heart in my ear was the beat. On our sides, legs tangled, holding tight, I had no idea what to do. Extract myself, apologise, but I couldn’t move. I held back the tears because it felt so perfect and wanted to stay forever.

Lance’s smell, the feel of his chest rising with his breath, how his arms felt around me, and how his swallow moved where the top of head pressed into his neck all fixed in my mind.

I repressed my tears and pulled away unable to look at him as my eyes burnt. “I’m so sorry.” I laughed, sitting up and shuffling to the edge, and reached for my wine, willing my hand not to shake. “It’s been so hot I’ve not slept.” I managed to keep my tone light before taking a gulp.

“Hey, it’s okay.”

After a deep breath, I turned keeping my face neutral. “I am sorry about that. I hope it wasn’t too uncomfortable for you.” I’m pretty sure I grimaced not smiled and settled back to the film.

He was still looking at me, and I wanted him to go. I couldn’t do this anymore, but it wasn’t his fault; it was all me, and this hurt. Physical pain.

The idea of losing his friendship cut me, but this couldn’t go on.

“Are you alright?”

The soft concern brought tears to my eyes, and I put my wine down. “I’m fine.”

I settled back. It was getting chilly, and I shivered.

“Did I do something wrong? I’m sorry if I went over a line, but you lay on me and…” He swallowed.

The burning spread to my throat, and I cleared it. “Wrong? You did nothing wrong.” I’d cry if I looked at him. “I stepped over a line, not you.”

“What line did you step over? I don’t understand.”

I made myself meet his face. His cheeks flushed, and the worry in his eyes made the ache worse.

I wouldn’t see him again after tonight, and I just stared, unable to hold back a tear. I wish I were less emotional. I’m not.

“Fucking hell, why are you crying? What did I do?” He shifted around, hesitating to move closer, and distress cut in his voice.

Part of me thought I should tell him to go. “I feel bad that’s all because you’re not tactile, and I respect that. Except when I lolled all over you. I’m so, so sorry.”

Lance’s shoulders sagged. “Don’t be sorry.” He cleared his throat. “It was nice.” His flushed cheeks went redder and spread down his neck.

I blinked at him. “What?”

He gave me a small half-smile that I wanted to lick, and I clenched.

Lance sat back slowly, putting his arm across the seat, opening his space to me and I think my heart spun. I pulled my lips into my mouth and leant down into him again.

His arms went around me, and my skin goosed everywhere.


I smiled, my cheek in his collarbone and I nestled into him. “Not now.”

He held me. I floated for a second before the chatter in my mind reminded me we were just friends.

“You’re very lively in your sleep.” He spoke into my hair.

Applaud me because I didn’t moan. “Am I?”

“Yes.” He ran his hand down my back. Rough, strong hands that knew work.

I couldn’t breathe. “Sorry.”

“Don’t be. It was enlightening.”

“Oh shit. What did I do now?” I managed to make a prat of myself at every opportunity; it’s a gift. Lance had spoken up for me and quietly come to the rescue several times. For all his quietness, he was fierce about his friends.

I pressed my face into him.

“Well. You threw your leg over me and ground into me and kept saying ‘please Lance’.”

Fuck my life. I didn’t move, and let the shock and humiliation pass over. When I recovered enough with my stomach in knots, I found my voice. “It’s a good job I’m used to absolute mortification.”

He held me tighter. “I thought I was dreaming. It… It was so…” His pulse quickened, breathing harder, and then I felt it. The hard mystery of him pressing into my thigh.

I swallowed all the saliva in my mouth.

“You’re beautiful.” His voice shook a little and hand went to my hair.

What was happening? I was still asleep.

Snuggled there together was a dream. Too perfect. Steeling myself, I pulled back, and we stared at each other, but his gaze went to my mouth.

“I want to kiss you.” Lance licked his bottom lip.

This wasn’t real. “I didn’t think you liked me that way.”

He frowned. “Why would you say that? Of course I like you.”

“We’ve been friends for months, and you’ve not said anything.”

Lance half-smiled and huffed. “I didn’t want to ruin our friendship, but I do really care about you. Do you know what it’s like to have people pry into every feeling you might have because you don’t fit their idea of what’s normal? I’m shy. I’m introverted. I don’t fuck about or chase anyone. People mistake my reserved nature for weakness.

“You’re the only person that doesn’t pry and push. You make it easy to relax, and you’re bright and funny, and I love spending time with you and I’ve wanted more from the first time we met and hung out but couldn’t do anything. I didn’t think you felt the same. You’re so forward but not with me.” He puffed out a breath.

My eyes latched onto his lips, and I moved closer to him. His hands went to my arms, and then my waist. I straddled his thighs and cupped his face, the bristly cut of his stubble against the softness of his skin was something else as I leant down and pressed my lips to his.

Soft and firm, he moved against me, almost hesitant. I licked his tongue, and he hummed and responded. Our tongues licked and played as he ran his hands over my back again as he found confidence.

I wasn’t prepared for this skill level, who am I kidding, I wasn’t ready for any of it. He was impressive. I leant back, we were both panting, and my lips were hot and tender.

“We shouldn’t rush.” His crotch pressed into me.

“Right. No rushing. Uh-huh.”

“I’ve wanted this for so long. I think about you, and every time I see you I try and work up to say something.” He smoothed my hair back.

I smiled and manoeuvred us so he lay flat, and I slowly worked my hands under his t-shirt and up his chest. “Tell me what you want.”

There was a second of doubt on his face. “Look, I think there are things about me you should know.”

“Okay.” Wary, I stayed still.

“I like it a certain way, but if it’s not for you, I’ll understand. I mean, I can try to… What I mean is that it’s not as easy without…” He sighed.


“I like to be treated… rough. Used. I want to be hurt, and tied up, and all sorts.”

When I didn’t respond, he sat up and moved me off him.

It was the last thing I expected. “Wait.”

“It’s fine. It’s what happens. You mean so much to me, I wanted to be open. Never mind.”

“So like, proper filth. Like you see in porn. Chains, gags, whips, and all that?”

He nodded, head down.

“Thank you for telling me.”

He pressed his mouth into a line and shook his head, throwing his glasses onto the coffee table, and pinched the bridge of his nose.

I wanted to hold him and take his upset away. “I don’t know anything about it.”

“I won’t ask anything of you.”

“Shame, it could be fun.” My clit kicked up a pulse as I processed. I slid my hand across and ran my fingers over his.

A smile flickered onto his face as he faced me with a determined look, but it faded, and he lowered his eyes. “If you mean it, you have to be careful and learn about it. Talk about it. No sex yet. I want to make you come though, please.”

“Yes.” Oh my god. The way he said it with his face lowered, and soft please did something unheard of in me.  I wanted to take him. A strange animal need caught my breath.

He bit his lip and gave me a dirty wanting glance from under his lashes, causing a pulse in my clit so intense I nearly came.

“What would you like?”

“You riding my face.”

Lance was a dirty fuck. I grinned and scrambled up, lifted my dress off slowly, letting him see me, and shuffled my knickers off. The hunger on his face made me wetter. All the normal nerves or unease I’d have with a partner was absent. As I crawled over him, I wondered if this was why; I wanted to be in charge.

He guided me up, hands on my thighs. Eyes on my pussy. He swallowed, lips parted, and I felt his breath.

For a moment, I felt vulnerable, but he kissed the soft flesh of my hip as I settled my knees either side of his head.

Exposed, heart pounding, I braced my hands on the arm of the couch, holding my weight up.

The wetness seeped out of me. My face flushed. “Lance.”

He moaned as he lifted his chin and barely touched me with his tongue. The softest lick and hum sighed on my skin.

I shook as I moved forward and then back over his open mouth.

He laughed. Fucking chuckled. He ran his hands up to my bottom and squeezed before kissing my clit. Straight to it. No faffing. He sucked and tongued and played with it.

“Fuck.” I looked down, pulling away. I laughed in delight, but he slipped a finger into me. I stopped laughing and gasped. “Oh fuck yes.”

I rode his finger, and he added another. “Slowly. Go slowly,” he whispered as he kissed my clit again.

I did. I loved that he had this hidden away; a skill and knowledge of himself. Strange how much confidence there was even if he was supposed to be submissive. I rode his fingers impossibly slow as he crooked them. I hissed, relishing it. I kept resisting my orgasm because I didn’t want it to be over, I tensed and relaxed and tensed, shaking and moaning.

“Fuck, that’s it, come.” His voice reverberated through me as he said it into my pussy and I came.

It peaked in slow motion, rising to intensity I’d never felt and crashed into pleasure. I cried and bucked and rode his hand and face with abandon.

I slumped, slowing down again. Lance lifted me up – a moaning wreck – and set me down over him. He held me, gathered close and kissed my hair. I panted and clung tight. As I came back around, I looked up at him still licking his lips.

“Your turn. I want to please you.”

“You’re not obliged to do anything. I’m happy without going further.”

“I want your dick in my mouth if you want to put it there.” I paused. “Tell me what you want.”

“Grab me. Play rough. I like teeth. Meanness. Then cuddle after.” He tried to laugh.

“Do you ever get what you need?”

“Not so far.”

Well, he was going to right then. I needed to give him everything he wanted. I worked his clothes off, eyes and hands roving over his chest and down his lovely sexy body. I let my eyes go to his cock, he was nice, just right. It bobbed under my watch.

“What do you normally do?”


“Not with me.”


“Will you tell me if you don’t like it? Or you’re uncomfortable?”

“Red. I’ll say red.” His voice was desperate, and he went squirmy.

I settled between his legs. “You’re sexy as fuck.”

He blushed. “Thank you.”

I smelt him, yes, it’s weird, but it was that indefinable pheromone that sends bees into a frenzy or something. Like knowing there’s chocolate somewhere and you can’t rest until you get it.

I loved it. His skin had the lingering scent of clean laundry over it. Heady and sexy. I brushed my cheek on the coarse light hair on his thigh.


Yes,” he said in a breath.

“Like this?” I bit his thigh.

Lance tensed. “Harder.”

I let him go and bit the softer flesh near his balls, but harder. I glanced up, and his eyes rolled back as he gripped the couch for dear life.

“Bite my cock.”

“To stop you coming?”

He nodded. His need and lust was gorgeous.

With a grin, I licked the tip of his cock, and then sucked with all the pent-up need I’d harboured for months. I was voracious as I went, licking and feeling his body.

“Oh yes, that’s it, like that.” His voice was strained. Body tense. “I can’t wait. I can’t.” He became desperate, bending his legs, trembling. I let him go.

I bared my teeth, turning my head and he hissed as I lightly and carefully pressed my teeth into his cock. The hiss became a cry.

“Don’t like it?” I asked as I let him go.

“I do, I do.” He said it over and over, so I did it again.

I sucked him hard, fast, deep and I hummed as I worked harder.

“Yes,” he shouted. I let him go. Biting him again.

“Fuck me.”

I sat up with feigned innocence. “You said not yet.” Waiting a moment for him to relax, I went again.

“Please, I can’t take it.”

I raised my brows as I bit him again. He’d say red. I licked his painfully red cock. “Lance?”

He groaned and jerked as I licked the wet tip. “I’m close.”

I sucked again, and he shook, stomach tightening, and I let him go and bit as he came. I’ve never heard a noise like it. Guttural and low, he splashed us in thick reams of cum. I immediately sucked him again, catching the last spurt. He started to soften as he heaved his chest for breath. We stared at each other.


He swallowed.

“Was that not good? Not what you wanted?”

“In my life, I’ve never found it. In my fantasies, you were into it. But I never expected to actually experience it.”

The emotion in his voice brought tears to my eyes. I felt powerful doing that; I was cleansed and light. I licked a line of cum from his stomach and climbed up.

He licked it from my face, and we kissed, furiously grabbing at each other.

The titles of the film came up, and we jumped at the sudden volume and laughed.

Our naked bodies nestled close and the pleasant evening breeze brushed us. I grabbed a blanket, and we snuggled into each other. Little touches and kisses, sweet and perfect. We lost ourselves in an intimacy that was ours alone.

“That was the best. You’re the best.” He pressed little soft kisses on my bottom lip.

“I never knew, never thought I could feel so strong.” My heart clenched at the wonder in his eyes. I grinned as I nuzzled his neck.

This shy man was a hidden gem. Who knew what would follow, what joy of discovery my quiet, dirty fuck of a man would offer me, offer us both. I couldn’t wait to find out.




14 thoughts on “Mutual

  1. I marvel at the elegance of the writing. First, this is some high-class writing that shows in every word choice, setting, flow and the greatest attention to detail. Second, a high-class erotica. I love the second part believe me (twice), but the first part, gosh I worship this writing. Thank you Stef.

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