The Husband and Wife

I straightened my hair and knocked the door, remembering everything that had passed between the three of us. Weeks of messages. The coffee we went for. They were lovely, and we’d built a rapport and relationship. But still, my heart pounded and sweat beaded on my back.

The Husband wasn’t very tall, but dark and handsome and a little older than me. His Wife stood back. She was blonde and refined and held a beauty, which only sharpened with age.

Dressed in a smart white dress with heels, she was the epitome of class. He wore trousers and a white shirt. It looked like they were going out to dinner.

“Welcome.” He smiled warmly, and I relaxed. There was something about him that set me at ease.

Neither made a move to touch me, yet I felt embraced and safe. When I found my voice, I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay,” Wife said, “come, why don’t we show you to our office.”

A door off the large and elegant hall led downstairs. Carpeted and immaculate, they preceded me down.

Husband paused. “Look at the door, it’s just a simple lock. Turn the latch to leave, and the front door is the same. No one else can enter without a key. You’re safe.”

“Thank you.” I cleared my throat.

The basement room was as lovely as upstairs. Not the expected dungeon, but details filtered in. Wooden floors, elegant leather furniture, and a gilt mirror at the far end. A deep raspberry wall housed a display of toys and tools. I couldn’t look away. Wife led me to a patio window that looked out onto a closed private yard, and gauzy curtains covered the glass. I sat on the leather chair, and Husband sat opposite me. Wife remained standing.

“Tea, water?”

I shook my head and played with the hem of my dress.

“You are under no obligation to us. We want to find someone who wants us too. You’re everything we desire.” He spread his hands.

“Thank you. I’m more nervous now I’m here. I haven’t changed my mind.”

“Then we’re pleased. We do not have to start today.”

I looked up. “Please, I want to. You know it’s my first time, I just…”

“And that is perfect. We want to train you. Let’s start as we discussed with suspension. Let’s see how you do?”

“Yes please.”

We’d been through all of this. When I met them online, it was more about flirting, and me exploring vague ideas long repressed. But they were lovely and kind, they wanted me because they liked me, and I could offer them what they wanted. They would fulfil the deepest desires I’d fantasised about for so long.

I didn’t particularly enjoy sex. I wanted to submit, pain, and all the great stuff that goes with it, but not penetration. I’ve questioned myself for a long time, and finally, I found everything I wanted in the couple. I didn’t want to disappoint.

Wife shut the curtains as Husband went over his rules. Traffic light system. What to expect. What he would not do. Our agreed limits. Our soft limits. It was soothing. Safety.

I undressed as they watched, and the wife neatly folded my clothes. With my hands clasped in front of me, and my head bowed. I waited in absolute trust.

Husband stood and looked me over. “Perfect.”

I flickered a smile but caught it.

“You’re allowed to enjoy this.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Good girl. What do you think, Wife?”

“I think I want to hurt her.”

My heart pounded with desire.


Wife started with wide, smooth velcro straps. “These are easy to get out of. If you panic, if it’s too much, it’s easier to get you out, okay?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Wife grinned at me. “May I?” She gestured to my hair, and I nodded.

She smoothed it back, and I leant into the touch. She tied it with the hair band from my wrist. “There.”

It was a sweet moment, and all the time Husband watched and smirked.

With thick straps attached to my wrists and upper arms, my arms were drawn up and looped over a metal bar, and tied off to a wooden support beam.

Their eyes gleamed. The restraints made my body hum but weren’t yet painful. Wife attached restraints to my thighs, ankles, one around my waist and the last under my bust. I nodded, and Husband pulled the different lengths, setting me into position.

My waist took the brunt as I was drawn up, and I struggled for breath. My legs were spread with my knees bent, bottom sticking out, and the straps started to dig in. I felt the pressure pull on my limbs and circulation change.

My hands were cold and feet hot as they hovered inches off the floor. The straps around me made me feel encased, and though I struggled for breath with my body’s weight, I felt free.

Both weighted and weightless, I swung a little and laughed.

Husband touched my shoulder, as he was permitted to, and I opened my eyes.


“Perfect, thank you.” I couldn’t halt the tears, this was everything I had desired since the first sexual stirrings in my mind.

“I know. It’s intense.” Without turning to Wife, he commanded her. “I’m not starting easy on her because we aren’t that kind. I want the whip.”

My heart nearly stopped. I wasn’t a huge thing, but short and soft leather.

“Gag?” he asked.

“Yes please, Master.”

Wife put it on me, the ball filling my mouth, and saliva pooled instantly. To halt for anything, I could make a long continuous noise while shaking my head, and blink to answer questions.

It was perfect. Wife sat primly and watched as Husband stood off to the side. He’d put leather gloves on, and I found it easier. I didn’t mind his hands on me that much. Being so vulnerable, I hadn’t expected to feel so safe. But I did. I felt so fucking good.

Pain and the need for it overwhelmed me at times, and the moment he cracked that leather on my bottom, I squealed, pulling and squirming. The sharpness was a bite, and I moaned as the heat rose, my body swaying.

He did it again at Wife’s nod. I kept my eyes on her. All the time, he spoke to me, and she to him. I nodded and grunted at questions between strikes. My back, my bottom, and my legs. I fought. It wasn’t a choice, but my body reacted. Each strike hurt me in a way I’d never been. I couldn’t do this to myself, no matter how hard I tried. It was never enough.

On the second pass down my back, I started sobbing. Husband stopped.

Wife stood and lifted my face. My face was wet, saliva down my chin, and my body limp.


I sniffed and shook my head, hard blinking twice for no.


I repeated my answer.

She slapped me, and I moaned.

“No crying.”

I swallowed as best I could, which wasn’t easy, blinked once, and nodded.

“Good girl.” She soothed my cheek.

“Look at you. All wet, face wet, pussy wet, it’s dripping out of you. Do you know that? It’s disgusting.”

I hung my head, and she laughed. I got wetter.

Husband went to his wife. “I need you.”

This was the moment I wanted as much as anything else.

Wife undressed. She wore nothing under her dress, and the husband dragged over a chair. He turned Wife around, bent her over, and looked at me. “I want to fuck you, but I can’t. Even if you begged me now, I wouldn’t.”

He opened his trousers and freed his cock. My body strained and trembled, wavering between excited and limp with sated pain. Every inch of my skin was raw and on fire, and the restraints burnt and soothed me.

He fingered Wife and finding her wet, licked his finger, and thrust in hard and deep. She cried out, and so did I.

I imagined him inside me as he fucked her. His hips were relentless. I shouted with her, and all the time, he watched me.

She was beautiful. He was glorious. I’ve never come without some sort of clit stimulus, but I did. It was oddly intense, my pulsing clit pulling the muscles tight inside me as I strained against the bindings. Every whip mark throbbed with me, and my body was covered in sweat as I struggled.

They turned to me, Wife’s face pinched and flushed as she jolted into the chair, gripping the back for dear life. And Husband looked vicious, ploughing hard. His eyes narrowed, and he growled, which made her grin as she came, hips moving against him. Her sweet cries making me thrust as much as I could at nothing but the sensations inside me. He pulled out and came on her arse cheeks.

I loved it. He thrust back into her, moaning and moving slowly. He gave himself a minute to enjoy it, before easing out and putting himself away. Wife slowly got up and helped. She took the gag off and helped ease me down to my knees as he loosened the straps.

The relief was perfection. My hands tingled, and everything hurt. Wife brought me a warm washcloth and wiped my face. She took all the stress and tears away.

She left me cleansed and new.

My skin stung, and as she helped me stand and sit on a bench, she patted my skin. I rested down as she covered me with a blanket and I closed my eyes.


I woke a little while later. Everything was immaculate again.

“There you are.” Wife put her book down, casually dressed.


“Don’t be.” She helped me dress, and her kindness and care were more than I’d ever known. “Will you come back?”

“If you want me to, I’d love it. It was perfect. Thank you.” I looked at her bright hazel eyes, feeling so much, but unable to find the words for it. Not that it mattered, and I felt her affection returned.

“Good. How are you?”

“Sore, but,” I took a deep breath as a grin split my face; I was happy. “Perfect.”

Husband came down, smiling and warm. “How’s our girl?”


“Yes, you were. I want to kiss you, but I won’t.” His eyes crinkled.

With a nod, I left with warm goodbyes. Choosing to walk home, I felt like I could fly. Finally me; part of a couple, part of something, and I relished the marks on my back already excited for the next session, and what awaited me with my Master and Mistress.



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