My Hulk

My blond hulk hung from a chain. He growled as he wriggled with toes touching the floor.

With a smirk, I raked over his naked body, and my eyes landed at the cock ring around his dick and balls. He looked delicious. The perfect amount of hair on his chest ran down his body to his thick thighs, and along his muscular arms. Every part of his body tense as his blue eyes pierced me.

I dragged out a chair and set it right in front of him, heels clipping on the wooden floor, and sat in victory crossing my legs.

He set his teeth and glared, panting a breath.

“How is it my sexy giant is bested by little me?” I preened.

He settled and said nothing.

“That’s what I thought. You love it.” I waited.

Colour infused his cheeks, and he looked down. “Yes.”

When we got together, he said push hard, do whatever, and he could take it.

I did, and he could.

Months of pain-pleasure ecstasy and neither of us were tired of it. We weren’t bored. How could I tire of this?

“What will you do with me?”

I loved the gruff nature of his voice. He always sounded pissed off. I gazed back up at him and my instinct to hurt and adore him pulsed. I didn’t fancy inflicting pain, but the sweet slow torture of desire. I’d reduce him to nothing other than a response to my touch.

Standing, focused on his submission, I ran my hands up and down his torso, and found him trembling and hot. I traced the tattoos on his chest and arms with my fingers and lips until he shuddered. Then I held him, slowly wrapping my arms around his waist. The hard thump of his heart reverberated in my ear, his body pressed against me, and there were no words for how perfect he was. I squeezed his tense bottom as I breathed him in. His cock twitched between us.

My hulk made a quiet noise, little more than a whisper.

He glowered as I let him go, and I stared back, smiling at his surliness. It was lovely, the frustrated anguish and desire lurking in the blue depths of his eyes. Breaking the moment, and clogged with emotion, I went to the table where all my choices were neatly laid out. We’d done pretty much everything. Some things we’d never do again, others added to our repertoire. The problem was that he always wanted more.

Keeping him in check was the biggest issue we had. But I ruled him with an iron fist, which he enjoyed very much.

Picking up the lube and an anal dildo I sat back down in front of him.

He raised a brow.

“Did you want me to use the crop?”

His eyes flickered.

I licked in a hard flat motion up his thigh, my mouth watering at the taste of his skin. “Tough. You won’t always get you want. You’re mine, and you’ll do what I say.”

He lowered his eyes, and my skin goosed.

“You’re going to be good.” I ran a hand up his thigh where I licked, and his cock bobbed. “Stay still.” Squeezing out a good dollop onto his favourite toy, I did it slowly, drawing it out. Leaning close to his skin, my breath hot, I reached around, and pulled one cheek over as I nudged the sensitive entrance, working the lube a little as I pushed in.

My Viking hissed a breath as I went. So practised now, I knew all the angles and ways of his body.

I knew by the way he tensed and drew his body up that it hurt. I waited, careful, and as he adjusted, I slid it in all the way.

He cried out. I loved that rough sound.

I eased  in and out, searching for the best angle and when his mouth opened and he moaned, I had him.

I kissed the defined ridge of muscle across his hip, bit his thigh, and kissed the mark.

Every touch, gentle or sharp, gave me the satisfaction of need like nothing else. The way he shuddered and twitched, the moans and pleading words he offered as worship sated every want in my body and mind.

I licked under his belly button downward, still teasing him with the silicone plug, and he shivered. His mouth closed and he tried not to move.

He made the sexiest little hums. Desperate want radiated out of him as he started to sweat.

“What is it, baby?” I whispered on his skin, tasting salt and him. It made my head swim with lust.

He didn’t say anything, but I looked up and licked his shaft in a slow action, and he held his breath. My mouth hovered at the tip.

I expected him to beg. He didn’t. He didn’t even blink. With a smirk, I took him in, pressing the dildo in at the same time. I think his eyes rolled all the way around.

I laughed as I sucked up, and eased down again, moving the plug in time. My hulk was rigid. His breath stuttered as he tried to keep still. I watched him relax and let the gentle pace of my touch overwhelm his senses.

He was free to enjoy it, free to luxuriate in what I did to him, and he did, not reaching for climax.

When he hummed in desperation, I went harder and deeper, trying not to gag, moving the dildo in shallow thrusts, pressing where he needed.

Then I slowed and he moaned. “No, please, please. I’m so close.”

I let him go. He growled. I watched his cock, hard and red, bounce, and he pressed his lips together. I squeezed his balls, tugged down, and he shouted.

Speaking close to his wet cock, I tasted the scent of his skin and the heat that radiated from him. It drew my desire as the wetness between my legs increased. “How much do you need to come?”

I glanced up and his lip twitched. My hulk took a few breaths, closing his eyes.

I moved with painful slowness in and out, and he threw his head back, straining. “Can’t. Please.”

I rested my head on his hip, holding tight.

With a nip of his lovely flesh, I stood, leaving the thing inside him, all the way down the lip as his pleading eyes fixed on me.

The only problem  was he’s six-foot-something, and I’m five-foot-two.

I stood behind him, running my fingers over trembling back muscles, charting the lines of his tattoos in a soft rhythm.

He gave, body slumping with the inevitable defeat of his will. I loved him. My body prickled and I got ready. He knew what was coming, but I wouldn’t let him see.

Still in my underwear, I buckled on the strap-on into place and dragged the little step stool over so I could reach up and release him from the chain. I put my arm around his waist, and he eased down into my arms. For a minute I held him as his circulation returned to normal.

I kissed his lush blond hair. “Ready?”

He shuddered and with my help, leant on the bed. He slumped down with his knees on the floor, and head turned to the side. Throwing down a thick, dense cushion, I knelt behind him, pushing his legs apart.

I raked my fingers through his hair, making him purr.

With a big dollop of lube, I eased inside him after pulling the plug out, and he gripped the duvet with his still bound hands.

Easing in and out, a slow loving action, I gripped his shoulders. “It’s okay love, I’ve got you.”

I took my time, enjoying him. He murmured pleading words, wanting me to touch him. I didn’t.

I slowed, and push a little deeper, waiting for urgency to pass. When he relaxed, I moved again. Faster, then slower until he squirmed and growled. I went on and on, drawing it out like a long workout and my heels came off.

“Poor, poor love. You need it so much. It’s just there, isn’t it? Out of reach. You’re hungry for it.” I massaged down his back.

He moaned as his breath hitched. I worked his muscles and had him so perfectly at my mercy. The giant gave me absolute power.

I should be kinder, and let him come.

I didn’t.

I made love to him. I was inside him. The straps snug on my skin and the rub of leather over silk on my clit iliciting the perfect build.

Lost as he was, we both needed release. Sweating and panting, my muscles worked from controlling and working him. Bracing my arms on his back, I leant over to rub better, and he groaned louder, head straining back to me. I thrust harder and took my pleasure, coming hard. The electric joy of taut relief pulsed in my body.

“Yes,” he cried, teeth gritted, “fuck me.” I slowed but ground into him, and he shook his head. “I can’t take it.”

“You’ll take what I give you.”

He dry sobbed as I pulled out.


He crawled up and rolled over, knuckles white from holding the bed, and his cock a deeper red. I pushed his shapely thighs up and apart, exposing him.

I worked the dildo back inside, and he shouted and hissed. Scooping some of the excess lube from his skin, I coated his cock but barely touched him, and moved in tiny thrusts.

The torture of edging rendered him delirious, and he was so close. It was the sexiest thing to see him like this. I let myself feel it with him, and the desire cut with pain was irresistible. I needed to kiss him.

Our eyes met, and he lifted his arms and put his bound wrists around my neck.

Sated with happiness, gently holding the man under my control, I moved again, his cock pressed between us, and I fingered the tip and sensitive ridge that pulsed underneath.

Every every touch was magnified, and he sobbed.

“There, there,” I crooned. “I have you, my love.” Sliding my thumb on the delicate spot under his tip, he hummed again, arching his back.

I whispered a kiss to his lips, and he was undone, coming hard onto us both. His face set, body tensed, and he shouted with each thrust and draw of release.

I pulled out quickly and lay over him. Cum slid between, and the warm, wet strap-on pressed against us.

He held me tight as I kissed his neck. He moaned as his hips strained against me.

“How’s my Viking?”

He laughed. “Still hard.”

“Hmm. Not satisfied?” I panted.

“You barely touched me.”

“You came harder than ever.”

“Fuck me, I did. I want more.” The word more ended with a groan and a grind of hips.

“So greedy.” Pulling his hands off me, I undid the thick heavy leather cuffs and threw them down. With his hands free, cut with marks, he flipped us over and virtually ripped the strap-on off and gathered me into his arms.

I lay in his hold. We needed to shower and clean up, but I loved this. And the night wasn’t over, not by a long shot. I nipped his bicep, and he grunted. I knew I was going to get it.

I Ioved being a switch, and so did he.



The Husband and Wife

I straightened my hair and knocked the door, remembering everything that had passed between the three of us. Weeks of messages. The coffee we went for. They were lovely, and we’d built a rapport and relationship. But still, my heart pounded and sweat beaded on my back.

The Husband wasn’t very tall, but dark and handsome and a little older than me. His Wife stood back. She was blonde and refined and held a beauty, which only sharpened with age.

Dressed in a smart white dress with heels, she was the epitome of class. He wore trousers and a white shirt. It looked like they were going out to dinner.

“Welcome.” He smiled warmly, and I relaxed. There was something about him that set me at ease.

Neither made a move to touch me, yet I felt embraced and safe. When I found my voice, I didn’t know what to say.

“It’s okay,” Wife said, “come, why don’t we show you to our office.”

A door off the large and elegant hall led downstairs. Carpeted and immaculate, they preceded me down.

Husband paused. “Look at the door, it’s just a simple lock. Turn the latch to leave, and the front door is the same. No one else can enter without a key. You’re safe.”

“Thank you.” I cleared my throat.

The basement room was as lovely as upstairs. Not the expected dungeon, but details filtered in. Wooden floors, elegant leather furniture, and a gilt mirror at the far end. A deep raspberry wall housed a display of toys and tools. I couldn’t look away. Wife led me to a patio window that looked out onto a closed private yard, and gauzy curtains covered the glass. I sat on the leather chair, and Husband sat opposite me. Wife remained standing.

“Tea, water?”

I shook my head and played with the hem of my dress.

“You are under no obligation to us. We want to find someone who wants us too. You’re everything we desire.” He spread his hands.

“Thank you. I’m more nervous now I’m here. I haven’t changed my mind.”

“Then we’re pleased. We do not have to start today.”

I looked up. “Please, I want to. You know it’s my first time, I just…”

“And that is perfect. We want to train you. Let’s start as we discussed with suspension. Let’s see how you do?”

“Yes please.”

We’d been through all of this. When I met them online, it was more about flirting, and me exploring vague ideas long repressed. But they were lovely and kind, they wanted me because they liked me, and I could offer them what they wanted. They would fulfil the deepest desires I’d fantasised about for so long.

I didn’t particularly enjoy sex. I wanted to submit, pain, and all the great stuff that goes with it, but not penetration. I’ve questioned myself for a long time, and finally, I found everything I wanted in the couple. I didn’t want to disappoint.

Wife shut the curtains as Husband went over his rules. Traffic light system. What to expect. What he would not do. Our agreed limits. Our soft limits. It was soothing. Safety.

I undressed as they watched, and the wife neatly folded my clothes. With my hands clasped in front of me, and my head bowed. I waited in absolute trust.

Husband stood and looked me over. “Perfect.”

I flickered a smile but caught it.

“You’re allowed to enjoy this.”

“Thank you, Master.”

“Good girl. What do you think, Wife?”

“I think I want to hurt her.”

My heart pounded with desire.


Wife started with wide, smooth velcro straps. “These are easy to get out of. If you panic, if it’s too much, it’s easier to get you out, okay?”

“Yes, Mistress.”

Wife grinned at me. “May I?” She gestured to my hair, and I nodded.

She smoothed it back, and I leant into the touch. She tied it with the hair band from my wrist. “There.”

It was a sweet moment, and all the time Husband watched and smirked.

With thick straps attached to my wrists and upper arms, my arms were drawn up and looped over a metal bar, and tied off to a wooden support beam.

Their eyes gleamed. The restraints made my body hum but weren’t yet painful. Wife attached restraints to my thighs, ankles, one around my waist and the last under my bust. I nodded, and Husband pulled the different lengths, setting me into position.

My waist took the brunt as I was drawn up, and I struggled for breath. My legs were spread with my knees bent, bottom sticking out, and the straps started to dig in. I felt the pressure pull on my limbs and circulation change.

My hands were cold and feet hot as they hovered inches off the floor. The straps around my made me feel encased, and though I struggled for breath with my body’s weight, I felt free.

Both weighted and weightless, I swung a little and laughed.

Husband touched my shoulder, as he was permitted to, and I opened my eyes.


“Perfect, thank you.” I couldn’t halt the tears, this was everything I had desired since the first sexual stirrings in my mind.

“I know. It’s intense.” Without turning to Wife, he commanded her. “I’m not starting easy on her because we aren’t that kind. I want the whip.”

My heart nearly stopped. I wasn’t a huge thing, but short and soft leather.

“Gag?” he asked.

“Yes please, Master.”

Wife put it on me, the ball filling my mouth, and saliva pooled instantly. To halt for anything, I could make a long continuous noise while shaking my head, and blink to answer questions.

It was perfect. Wife sat primly and watched as Husband stood off to the side. He’d put leather gloves on, and I found it easier. I didn’t mind his hands on me that much. Being so vulnerable, I hadn’t expected to feel so safe. But I did. I felt so fucking good.

Pain and the need for it overwhelmed me at times, and the moment he cracked that leather on my bottom, I squealed, pulling and squirming. The sharpness was a bite, and I moaned as the heat rose, my body swaying.

He did it again at Wife’s nod. I kept my eyes on her. All the time, he spoke to me, and she to him. I nodded and grunted at questions between strikes. My back, my bottom, and my legs. I fought. It wasn’t a choice, but my body reacted. Each strike hurt me in a way I’d never been. I couldn’t do this to myself, no matter how hard I tried. It was never enough.

On the second pass down my back, I started sobbing. Husband stopped.

Wife stood and lifted my face. My face was wet, saliva down my chin, and my body limp.


I sniffed and shook my head, hard blinking twice for no.


I repeated my answer.

She slapped me, and I moaned.

“No crying.”

I swallowed as best I could, which wasn’t easy, blinked once, and nodded.

“Good girl.” She soothed my cheek.

“Look at you. All wet, face wet, pussy wet, it’s dripping out of you. Do you know that? It’s disgusting.”

I hung my head, and she laughed. I got wetter.

Husband went to his wife. “I need you.”

This was the moment I wanted as much as anything else.

Wife undressed. She wore nothing under her dress, and the husband dragged over a chair. He turned Wife around, bent her over, and looked at me. “I want to fuck you, but I can’t. Even if you begged me now, I wouldn’t.”

He opened his trousers and freed his cock. My body strained and trembled, wavering between excited and limp with sated pain. Every inch of my skin was raw and on fire, and the restraints burnt and soothed me.

He fingered Wife and finding her wet, licked his finger, and thrust in hard and deep. She cried out, and so did I.

I imagined him inside me as he fucked her. His hips were relentless. I shouted with her, and all the time, he watched me.

She was beautiful. He was glorious. I’ve never come without some sort of clit stimulus, but I did. It was oddly intense, my pulsing clit pulling the muscles tight inside me as I strained against the bindings. Every whip mark throbbed with me, and my body was covered in sweat as I struggled.

They turned to me, Wife’s face pinched and flushed as she jolted into the chair, gripping the back for dear life. And Husband looked vicious, ploughing hard. His eyes narrowed, and he growled, which made her grin as she came, hips moving against him. Her sweet cries making me thrust as much as I could at nothing but the sensations inside me. He pulled out and came on her arse cheeks.

I loved it. He thrust back into her, moaning and moving slowly. He gave himself a minute to enjoy it, before easing out and putting himself away. Wife slowly got up and helped. She took the gag off and helped ease me down to my knees as he loosened the straps.

The relief was perfection. My hands tingled, and everything hurt. Wife brought me a warm washcloth and wiped my face. She took all the stress and tears away.

She left me cleansed and new.

My skin stung, and as she helped me stand and sit on a bench, she patted my skin. I rested down as she covered me with a blanket and I closed my eyes.


I woke a little while later. Everything was immaculate again.

“There you are.” Wife put her book down, casually dressed.


“Don’t be.” She helped me dress, and her kindness and care were more than I’d ever known. “Will you come back?”

“If you want me to, I’d love it. It was perfect. Thank you.” I looked at her bright hazel eyes, feeling so much, but unable to find the words for it. Not that it mattered, and I felt her affection returned.

“Good. How are you?”

“Sore, but,” I took a deep breath as a grin split my face; I was happy. “Perfect.”

Husband came down, smiling and warm. “How’s our girl?”


“Yes, you were. I want to kiss you, but I won’t.” His eyes crinkled.

With a nod, I left with warm goodbyes. Choosing to walk home, I felt like I could fly. Finally me; part of a couple, part of something, and I relished the marks on my back already excited for the next session, and what awaited me with my Master and Mistress.



He lay, almost serene, face down on the bed and I looked him over. Naked and lovely. Not perfect — neither am I — but beautiful to me and completely mine.

We’re sweet outside of this; average. I grinned, slipping into who I am deep in my bones. “Beg.”

“Help me feel better. Give me this. Please. I want all you can give me.” With his face turned to me and pained eyes, I made him wait.

Letting him watch, I took out a new set of bed restraints, and in a few minutes, I had them attached, velcroing his ankles and wrists tightly, knowing how much he struggled.


“Perfectly so.”

He wasn’t stretched out and had enough leeway to get on his knees and elbows when need be.

He frowned a little, trying to work out my game as he pulled on the straps.

I grinned. “Ready to play?”

“Yes.” That emphatic, single word was a joy, and with a laugh, I got to work.

I slapped his bottom hard. “Open your legs.”

He swore and obeyed. I grabbed the lube and put a healthy cold dollop on his arse, and he hummed.

“I have a new toy for us. Do you want it?”

“Fuck me, please.”

“Such a dirty mouth.” I slapped his bottom again, and he cried out.

I wanted to hurt him. He needed me too, but I wouldn’t rush.

The plug was the biggest we’d used yet. Pressing it against his entrance, he tensed for a second and relaxed. I worked the lube over it and eased it in. The first inch was easy, and then he pulled on the restraints.

“Too much?” I soothed his arse cheek, and he relaxed.


“Good.” I pressed in harder, the resistance tight as I went, and once he gave, it eased all the way in. He cried out, arching his back. It had to hurt. He took deep breaths as he adjusted. I gave him that.

Getting off the bed, I took off my dress, letting him glimpse that I was wearing his favourite underwear. A dark blue lace set with stockings, and my ample cleavage and curves were all there for him. He gave me a drugged smile and blinked the tears from his eyes.

“Poor lover.” I sat next to him on the bed, smoothing his hair to the side.


Taking a fist of it, I pulled so he looked at me. “That is not an answer.”

“Yes, yes, yes, please.” He licked his lips.

I felt all the texture of him. So perfect. The hair on his thighs. Smooth skin on his back. The muscle in places, the softness in others. It was all beautiful, and I loved it.

“One question. Pain?” I asked him quietly even though I knew his answer.


Relishing his heat and scent, I kissed down his back until reaching his bottom and bit his cheek. He moaned.

I moved lower and bit the inside of his thigh, harder this time, and he arched up, finding the dildo in his arse painful and he swore.

I laughed. I sat up and grabbed the flogger. This was a newer toy for us. It hurt more, but it made lovely patterns on him. He loved it. I shifted so I was comfortable and teased him with it.

I wasn’t kind and never built up. I struck across his lower back, and he arched and writhed. Leaving a moment for the shock to pass, I hit again, lower down. Each strike was the same, but I landed all over his back, bottom and thighs.

They were my favourite. I loved how he shouted and wriggled.

He pulled away, almost on his side, drawing on the restraints. He loved to resist. Terrible at being still. Only when he gave in would I stop – unless he used our safe word – but he didn’t. That plug must have been stretching him inside as he moved, rubbing in all the right places.

He shouted louder as I moved back up to the mass of red lines on his back. It would be so sensitive there.

There always comes a moment when I see it. The pain crosses over into something else. I don’t know how it feels, but it’s surrender. It’s agony and bliss. Sharp stinging pain. Warm and deep. These are the words he’s used to explain, but I can’t feel it. I become ecstatic at his reactions and power that he gracefully bestows on me.

This was when I needed to be careful with him. I kept striking, but he didn’t buck. He twitched and made continuous incoherent cries.

There were tears in his eyes. I stopped.

Tossing the thing down, I looked at his wounds. The thick almost purple lines lasted for days. They’d be hot and throbbing, stinging and sore. There’d also be an utter relief and sated need. I loved it when he’d tell me these things after, whispering them to me, almost embarrassed. Emotion clogged my throat, and my fingers hovered over the heat of his skin.

He’d gone to the place where he’ll do anything I say. Utterly mine. I blinked back the intensity. This responsibility and control was enormous, and there were moments it overwhelmed me.

Taking a deep breath, I leant down. “Hey, lover.” I stroked his hair.

He grunted with a glazed look.

“I need more. Words.”

He swallowed. “Green.”

My heart kicked up, and I shimmied off my knickers, desperate for him.

Leaving him as he was, I told him to shift onto his knees. It took a minute for him to be able to obey, but he did it.

I climbed up to the headboard and slid down under him.

He leant his weight on me, and his hot body with hammering heart made me giddy with desire. I slid my legs around his waist, his cock pressed between us.

Reaching down, I guided him in, and his body took over. He made a long sound and went still. The need to thrust made him tense. He growled and grunted his breaths.

“Ready?” I whispered.

He pulled on the restraints.

“Speak.” My mouth was so close to his; he licked my lips. I tapped his face. “I’ll not ask you again,” I said in a sharp tone.

“Command me.” His eyes set in challenge before he rested his head down, body trembling over mine.

“That’s it. Now.” I soothed him as he pressed his face into my hair. He shifted a little and thrust. Sweat prickled us as he moved. He was so hot, his weight just right as his elbows and knees took most of it.

I put my hands on his tender arse cheeks and whispered in his ear, and he moved slightly in me. “You will not come. You will not do anything unless I say. Speak.”

“Yes.” It was a guttural moan. Close enough.

Digging in my fingernails to that lovely bottom, he thrust in and hissed. “Sensitive? Painful?”

His reply was a desperate noise. I laughed and kissed his neck. Using my nails to press into him, I guided his thrusts.

Slowly, so slowly, I let him move, and he almost resisted but didn’t. I knew what he needed. I knew the urge to come was so intense at that point, but I wouldn’t let him.

His hips stuttered, and I kissed his neck again. My own orgasm built. I was so wet, so ready, but I resisted it, keeping my abs relaxed. He kept grunting, holding back. I knew how much he edged, and that he would do anything I asked, no matter how painful.

I came, I could not hold back. The taut bliss of excited nerves was too intense to hold off. The fist-like clench around his cock stilled him, leaving him a twitching wreck, and then I said the word, the one that he needed so much. “Come.”

I let go of his cheeks, and he growled, fucking me hard. The animal in him when pushed too far took over, and furiously and without reservation, he took me as I rode out the last of my intense orgasm. I held his neck as his hips stuttered and body bucked. It went on for so long; I went limp under him. Revelling in my own surrender, I loved what I could do to him. My gentle, sweet, and caring man became a torrent of power. Masculine need. I coaxed and wound and needled him into a dark place.

I controlled that. It was a wallop to my heart when I thought about it.

Then he collapsed. We were both utterly spent.

“Lover, let me undo you.” I tried to catch my breath.

He didn’t speak or move.

Reaching over from under him, I pulled the velcro from one wrist — more convenient than undoing buckles — and then the other.

He held me, pulling me tight, hands holding what was his, trembling and gentle once more.

“There, there, lover, you’re okay now, I’m here. I love you.”

He swallowed. “Thank you. Perfect.”

Three words were pretty good at this point. It always took awhile to come around.

He tasted his mouth and shifted a little, nuzzling my hair.

Holding his face, I lifted it. “Time to get comfortable.”

He nodded, withdrew, and we moaned together. Moving off the bed, I unstrapped his feet, and he lay down on his side. After I’d cleaned up in the bathroom, I gave him water, which he chugged. I checked each mark and cleaned his skin in a slow ritual. The same practice after every play.

“How do you feel?” I asked, dabbing at the lines on his back.

“Amazing. I didn’t even know how stressed and tense I was after this week.”

“Management is high pressure.” I glanced up.

“And you, my Goddess?” Twisting his face to me, he smiled, sated and sleepy.

“Better now. I did okay?”

“Perfect, as always. You do everything just right.”

“I worry sometimes it’s too much,” I murmured.

“Never, you love me, and I love you. We know what we want. It was amazing. You broke me.” He grinned.

I let his damp skin cool as he liked, and he relaxed.

I undressed and tidied up, slipped into bed with him, and he held me.

He kissed my hair and whispered in my ear all he felt, giving me his experience.

One arm wandered lower, and he lazily geared up to please me as he told me everything.


Love, Actually. (From a flash fiction prompt.)

It was always the sounds Ash made that made Eva grin. Their back arched, sucking in a breath, followed by a low moan. Eva loved it, and she smiled.

She watched their legs shake, and Ash pulled against the bindings at their wrists and ankles.

Then the begging began.

Eva hummed at Ash’s quiet, incoherent voice. “Shh, my sweet, just relax.” She licked up Ash’s neck, their skin smooth and scented with sex.

Ash thrashed against the leather table where they were bound.

Eva straddled Ash, and they opened their eyes. Full, dark lips parted, and their lids almost closed. They licked their lips and swallowed. Eva watched the muscles move in their neck.

She ran her hand slowly up Ash’s chest, with it rising and falling as she pressed her palm firmly. She worked up their neck, and they arched into the touch.

“Ready?” She clutched Ash’s jaw, pushing two fingers into their mouth. Ash made a noise. “What?” Her voice was sharp, and Ash bit lightly as their tongue stroked her fingers.

When Ash couldn’t speak, this was how they communicated, and the action of her fingers in their mouth gave her power. It was a language the lovers spent a long time developing. Teeth, tongue, and lips. Sometimes they used words, often not.

As Ash’s teeth pressed into her knuckle. Eva slid down onto Ash’s cock, consuming them completely. Ash almost convulsed.

Eva had them strapped to the table for an hour. Tormented and teased. Ash was covered in flogger, nail, and bite marks. Their body was strung out on the edge of a pleasure so taut, they couldn’t speak or think. Eva adored this moment. Exquisite in the trust and vulnerability of the person she loved.

It was up to Eva to give Ash what they needed, and she’d tightened the thread of their will so utterly, they’d snap soon. She finally rode Ash. Her hands pressed on their body.

“Watch,” she commanded.

Ash’s eyes opened, and their face was taut. Tawny skin wet with sweat. Teeth clenched.

Eva was a goddess above them. Taking what she needed, and giving them everything in return.

Ash growled and begged around the fingers in their mouth, pulling on the restraints. They needed more. Harder. Faster.

She gave. Needy with her own desire, she rode out her hard and self-denied orgasm, clasping tightly, fingers pressing harder, and Ash bit down. Eva cried out as Ash watched.

Eva fell limp. Ash squirmed, and they made the perfect sound. Half-breath, half-grunt.

“Baby needs to come?” Eva whispered, and kissed Ash’s slick skin.

Ash made a little noise and squirmed, biting harder. They were going to leave marks. Eva ran her nails up their chest, leant low, pressing her weight down, and put her mouth over theirs with her fingers in the way.

“My sweet love. Say please.”

Ash shuddered and said it. The barest muffled whisper.

With her elbows on their ribs, she moved slow but deep until Ash tensed, face contorted, crying louder. Eva stilled, transfixed by them. Ash’s hips stuttered and they shuddered. She felt the hard twitch of their cock inside her. The pulse and heat of them releasing. It went on and on. Eva knew she’d done well.

Ash was so beautiful with thick curling black hair, and they were soft and sweet. Such an expressive face.

Eva knew this was love, yet it was more than that. Ash opened Eva’s eyes to ideas and perspectives beyond her previous understanding of sex and sexuality.

The fucking they enjoyed was an extraordinary bonus, and she took to the role of Domme with enthusiasm. Eva hummed as she withdrew her fingers from their mouth and tucked her face into Ash’s neck, breathing them in. She reached out and unfastened the velcro straps and their arms fell and dangled.

“My love?” she whispered.

“I am here my sweet.” Ash licked their lips, coming back around.

“Did I do well?”

“You are perfect as ever.” Ash raised their arms as a smile touched their lips.

“Then let me tend you.” Eva pulled off, taking care to clean Ash and check their wounds. A little blood was drawn, some welts, but safe and whole.

As they sat up, free and cleansed, Ash pulled Eva close, kissing her, and she let herself be embraced. To feel their thanks and happiness was a sweet, sated contentment, and the sound they made as they kissed made her shiver with happiness.


I knew what was coming. We’d planned it all out in advance. The last thing Scott wanted to do was anything I didn’t, but once we started this, the only way out was the word ‘red’. We’d never gone this far before, and I was turned on but scared.

I knew he’d take care of me and trusted him completely.

But this was next level for us. Immersive role play – especially this kind – was dangerous. I was afraid of falling deeper into this life, but part of me welcomed it.

Desired it.

Pulling onto the drive, I texted him and got out of the car. My hands shook, body filled with adrenaline. I rang the bell with my heart pounding.

Once I stepped through the doorway, it would begin.

The door opened, and the love of my life stood in front of me.

Shaved blond hair and warm dark eyes. Not tall –  I’d always gone for tall – but a little taller than me, and not a ridiculous gym rat. He was kind of a twink, and you’d never think he was the perfect Dom.

He really was.

We never started that way. We were pretty average, but one night we mixed things up a bit. Talked about it and realised he’d always had these thoughts, but never acted on them.

Me too, only I’m the one who likes the pain.

We were careful, researched it, slowly exploring, and now here I was about to spend a night in captivity.

I smiled, but it slid off as his eyes hardened and back stiffened.

He grabbed my hand and pulled me inside, slamming the door. With one hand he pushed me against the wall, his palm pinning me, hot and sure.

He smirked.

It was his mouth that drew me to him when we met. It turned up at the corners and allured me.

“You’re going to do as you’re told.”

I took a breath. “You can’t make me.”

This was the code for go.

Hoisting me over his shoulder, I fought him. Pulled at his clothes, thumped and wriggled. His grip was fierce, but we tumbled on the landing. He pinned me down. Legs straddling my chest, pinning my arms to my sides.

I grunted and tried to throw him off. He laughed. One hand grabbed my hair, and I went still. I couldn’t help it, my body reacted like a kitten, and the fucker knew it.

He leant down to me, eyes steady on mine, and he looked at my lips.

“Do what you’re fucking told. Do you want me to be good to you? Huh? Well, obey me.”

I said nothing. We both knew what I’d do next.

The moment he was off me, I tried to run. He caught me around the waist, and we struggled as he took me into the bedroom.

I didn’t want to get away, but I also wanted to win, knowing full well that I’d lose.

Once – after a serious tussle – we were in the bedroom, he pinned me against the wall. We were both panting, angry, and seriously aroused. I was soaked, and his cock pressed into my crotch. He ground against me, his hands pinning mine.

I clenched my jaw trying not to moan. I loved this man. Doing everything I asked of him, and so well too.

He moved quickly, and my brain couldn’t catch up. Pulling away from the wall, he threw me on the bed – a favourite move of his – and holding me down by straddling me again, he reached under the pillow and pulled out some leather cuffs.

They were new.

Pulling an arm free he held it tight and cuffed me, I struggled but was about to come.

He did the other and clipped them together.

I kicked and wrenched from side to side begging him not to, which he thankfully ignored as he hauled me up.

It was then that I saw it.

I’d talked about it but never expected we would do it, and the reason I didn’t notice it was we’d been playing.

In the corner of the room, a metal rig hung from the ceiling. From it dangled clips and straps – I briefly imagined all the fucking we were going to do, and my heart pounded harder. A new pleasure of play. My body clenched in anticipation and I got wetter, heat filling my face.

I went still as he panted into my ear, “don’t you dare come.” He spun me to face him. “I mean it, I won’t forgive you if you come.”

I nodded and focused. The stillness of the look that passed between us was surreal. Both knowing what would happen, but it was a silent exchange of comfort and love.

His mouth hardened, and he looked cruel as he backed me up to the rig.

I remembered the game and struggled. Under it, he held me tight.

“I could gag you and do this, or you can give in, and put your hands up.”

I didn’t fancy the gag. I wanted to call out and scream. I wanted him to kiss me.

My eyes flickered as I raised my arms.

He smirked and stretched my arms up over a thick hook.

My heels barely scraped the floor, and I danced as my body pulled, and pain in my shoulders and wrists seared me, making me call out.

He let me have my fun, and when I stilled, panting, it was time to begin.

I always came easily. At the drop of a hat, actually. I could feel it the backs of my legs, all the way up to my mouth. My whole body radiated with pleasure, standing on the edge.

He knew it and loved it about me.

My dress was a thin cheap thing, though my underwear was expensive. He felt all over my body. Breasts, back, and arse. Hands skimming the tops of my thighs, he teased me, lifting my dress a little, and lightly fingered the tops of my hold ups as they peeked out. He hissed a little breath. He had a thing for stockings; they drove him wild.

He made a little noise of approval, fisting the dress, stretching it out, until it ripped open. He tore it off me moving me forward and back. I kept losing my footing, and I screamed. The strain in my arms making me shake, the comforting softness of the cuffs digging in, but I didn’t care.

When all the remnants were tossed aside, my very expensive underwear still covered me, but I felt exposed. Bared to him. He walked all the way around me, his hand on my waist, steadying me and anchoring me to him.

Trying not to squirm, I nearly begged.

Behind me, he stood close, and I resisted letting my head fall back on his shoulder.

Gripping my lacy briefs, he yanked them down mid-thigh and stood back.

“Fuck, look how wet you are. Dirty girl wants fucking, don’t you?”

“No.” It was more of a grunt. We agreed I had to answer any question; he needed to hear my voice.

He leant forward, kissing my shoulder “Liar.”

He moved away, and I panted, feeling my wetness seep out of me. I was so close.

There was sound, and I focused on my breathing and ignored how good it all felt.

With the click of the lube bottle, all my good intentions went out the window. I fought against the cuffs.

He slapped my arse hard. “Be still, or you’ll pay for it.”

“Yes, sir.”

I obeyed but got wetter yet. It was unbearable and perfect.

Parting my cheeks, he pressed the lubed plug into my arse. He went so slowly. I’d have stuck my bottom out to him, but I barely reached the floor.

I begged. I swore. I made weird guttural sounds as he pushed it all the way in. Heaven.

He squeezed one cheek as he switched on the vibrating attachment to the best setting, and I felt it all the way through my body.

The slow pulse made me moan loudly. Moving around to my front, he undid the front clasp of my strapless bra. Then he sat down on the bed and watched me as I came.

I was so far gone, shaking and crying out. Jerking as I tried to keep my shoes on.

Bucking hard, the plug rubbed inside, and waves of intense pleasure overcame me. It was the longest and most intense orgasm I’d ever had.

I looked at him as I lost a shoe and stood on tiptoes. He took off his shirt and came back to me. My body still twitching.

He picked up a long thick dildo and slid it into my pussy, and he slapped my arse hard. I swore.

I stilled, savouring every second.

Grabbing my hair, he kissed me, tongue in deep, but barely touching my mouth as I searched for more and he denied me.

He stood behind me tweaking my nipples and fondling my breasts until I wound up aroused again.

Steadying me, he spanked me hard with a paddle. It didn’t always make come; I just loved the sensation. Each jolt and sharp slap on my skin got me high. Endorphins made me giggle. It hurt. It was wonderful.

Hitting the backs of my thighs and my bottom, my wetness covered me as the vibration built in my arse and reverberated to my pussy. I lost my other shoe.

My body gave, and I slumped down.

Scott turned off the vibration and slowly teased me with the plug and pulled it out. He put on a condom and eased in.

Gently at first, I felt his cock press against the dildo inside me. We moaned together; it was so tight.

It didn’t take long for him to go faster as my arse relaxed for him. I loved that moment.

The trust I gave to him for this was everything, and he knew it as he started to fuck me. My body jolted against him, and his hands gripped my hips so tightly it hurt.

He came quickly the first time.

Pulling out, he put the plug back in. Cleaned up, he knelt down and ate my pussy as he played with my nipples. Driving me wild. Tormenting me. My body sagged. I couldn’t feel my arms. I didn’t care.

As I came — I forgot how many times I came that way sweating and incoherently begging for mercy — he let up and started wanking on me. Kissing me, coating his cock in my come.

He growled “I love fucking you. My toy to fuck. Mine. Say it.”

“Yes. Yours. I want your come.”

He came hard covering me with hot spurts. He rubbed it into my skin and put his fingers in my mouth to suck clean. I did, devouring his taste.

He put water to my lips, his hands steadying me, and said, “you dirty girl, you like being fucked like this don’t you.” He panted, heat radiating off him.

It was our check-in point.

“Yes. I’m yours to use and fuck.” I barely forced the words out.

By the time he pulled the dildo out and fucked me, I barely knew my name. With a red and sore arse, my wet knickers in my mouth, covered in come, he took his time fucking me hard. Every part of me filled, my limp body his as he slammed into me without mercy.

Sweat beaded on our skin, I felt his hot breath on me, and hard slap of flesh kept me focused on him.

Every muscle screamed, my skin was on fire, every sensitive spot had been tormented until tingling and raw. I was raw. A game that exposed the brutal truth of the animal I was, and I knew true freedom in those restraints.

I closed my eyes and gave into the floating bliss he gave me. I lost all sense; I was so far gone, I’d have done anything.

Then I was moving, my body numb, but he held me.

“My lover, open your eyes, time to come back to Earth.”

It was the end check. My eyes fluttered, and I smiled as he gently pecked my lips before cleaning me up.

He always took such tender care of me, bringing me back.

“I love you.”

He whispered it into my ear as he settled in next to me and we slept, high on sex and trust. It was life. It was him and me. Perfect and delicious.